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Amy Allyn Robertson was born in Richmond, VA on June 20, 1971. She grew up on country music and was born with a desire to sing and travel! Upon graduating from high school, Amy and a few friends got together and formed a band. In that band she met her husband, Preston Ladd. They had a country band for a while and then took a break to start a family! Their daughter Audrey was born March 25, 1997.


Back in 2000, Amy and Preston were regulars on a local music broadcast which featured guests such as Kitty Wells, Jack Green, John Conley and David Frizzell to name a few. In 2003, Amy became a DJ on WXGI AM 950 Radio in Richmond, VA on the Sunday Morning Gospel Show! It was there where she established a mission statement: “Seek, serve and spread the word of the Lord through music, fellowship and faithfulness.”


Also in 2003, Amy put together a bluegrass gospel group called “Amy Ladd & Friends.” The band’s current members are Amy & Preston Ladd, their daughter Audrey Ladd, Randy Litton and Paul Muller.   


For the past several years Amy has enjoyed singing solo at various venues throughout Virginia. Mostly at retirement communities, company/senior luncheons, social groups, retreats etc. It is in these intimate settings that Amy can share music and encourage interaction! See our schedule for upcoming events.


For more information or to schedule Amy at your next event, please contact:


Amy Ladd 


Thank you!

Amy Ladd - Vocals
  Preston Ladd - Bass and Vocals
                            Audrey Ladd - Rhythm Guitar and Vocals
Randy Litton - Guitar, Mandolin and Vocals
                                 Paul Muller - Fiddle, Dobro and Vocals

Amy Ladd & Friends





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